Tuesday, September 28, 2010

local politics

we still can't believe our homie scotty is running for mayor of guelph. there's a general sentiment of voter apathy here at camp pepper but we do like to draw, so consider this our campaign contribution:

Monday, September 27, 2010

we have fond memories of getting stoned and seeing the slackers back in the late 90's so it was a real honor to get to design a poster for them!

is on tour in europe next month and he'll be selling this t-shirt we recently designed!

we met dan bryk through the power of the internet and had the pleasure of doing this design for him. i think it's for a t-shirt. that's tito hauling on some grass and opening up his third eye.

we had a lot of fun drawing this promo image for guelph's premier mid-90's pop-punk cover band, the Hot Karls (don't google the name, its gross)

we've struck up a real nice working relationship with O PIONEERS!!! (TX) and JUNIOR BATTLES (toronto) both fine punk rock bands in their own right. The split 7" designed for them is available for FREE DOWNLOAD from kiss of death records!

we also drew up a new t-shirt and tour poster for them!

and speaking of junior battles, they're featured on a pop-punk tribute album called our favorite songs which we designed the cover for. download it HERE